Asterix at the (Special) Olympic Games

Asterix bei den (Special) Olympischen Spielen

Everyone knows them - the two opposing characters, who with a lot of courage, wit and cleverness solve the trickiest tasks, travel to exciting places and made a small village from Gaul famous all over the world! We are talking about Asterix and Obelix!
With their courage to try new things, accept challenges and also face difficulties, our athletes also remind us in many characteristics of the famous comic heroes and are really in no way inferior to them!
In a cooperation with Egmont Ehapa Media Verlag, we have translated the story "Asterix at the Olympic Games" into easy language to make it more accessible to people with intellectual or multiple disabilities.
Easy language is so important so that people with intellectual disabilities or learning difficulties can read and understand content better. Language, just like sport, ensures greater participation and inclusion - and thus inclusion!
In order to give even more readers access to and understanding of the comic book, "Capito Berlin" has translated the story not only into Easy Language in German, but also into Easy Language in English.
The help of our test readers in particular was worth its weight in gold: through their own experience with learning difficulties, they were able to ideally check the speech bubbles and scene descriptions for comprehensibility, thus guaranteeing that the comic is completely tailored to the needs of the readers.
In order to maintain the original character of the Asterix comic, the pictures were left exactly as they are printed in the original comic.
The booklet is intended as a gift for athletes, students, volunteers, media representatives - in short, "Asterix at the Olympic Games" for everyone!