About the Shop

The Special Olympics Deutschland Shop is the digital store of Special Olympics Deutschland e.V.

In June 2023, the Special Olympics World Games took place in Berlin. It was the largest inclusive sporting event in the world, and together we achieved great things.

Even after the World Games, we want to work with you to eliminate prejudices, tear down walls and break down barriers so that there can be greater togetherness in society and a greater awareness of inclusion.
This starts with us in the Special Olympics Germany store. Wear T-shirts, hoodies, caps or many other items from our store and help us get our message out there. In this way, we can draw attention to the Special Olympics and gain more recognition in society.

The following three values are especially important to us:

1. Sustainability, Quality and Style

We strive to have our products produced as sustainably as possible. This means that we look for producers who offer sustainable or environmentally friendly products and fabrics.

We show you by symbols on the respective product what this product is particularly sustainable for.

Sustainability also means quality and durability. We want you to be able to wear our T-shirts for many years to come and enjoy being reminded of the Special Olympics.

And of course you should also like the products. That's why we work with great experts and designers - so that together we can be stylish and fun #UnbeatableTogether.


2. Made with Love

"Let there be love in all four corners." This saying also applies to our online shop. Loving and fair manufacturing of our products go hand in hand.

Many of the products you will find in our shop have been produced in Berlin workshops by people with disabilities especially for Special Olympics.

Whether sewn, pottered or cast - there was always a lot of love and passion involved in the production. We are very happy to be able to offer you this wide selection.




3. Social Business

The Special Olympics Deutschland e.V. is a social business. This means that all proceeds stay within the company and are used further games and the athletes.

Every purchase directly supports the athletes and the Special Olympics movement and causes great joy.

And to put it another way: every euro you spend in our store goes directly to the good cause of Special Olympics Deutschland e.V..

This enables us to provide even better offers for the athletes and visitors to games. And if you would like to support the Special Olympics even more, you can also donate money and receive a donation receipt. If you would like to donate, please send an e-mail to info@specialolympics.shop.