Special Olympics Athletes in Chocolate Happiness

Special Olympics Athlet*innen im Schoko Glück

In the run-up to the Special Olympics World Games, 12 athletes met with "Friends of Games" Björn Kroner and Dr. Florian Langenscheidt and created their own chocolates at theRitter Sport Colorful Chocolate World in Berlin. And at the end of the workshop, they chose their "favorite athlete chocolate" from Ritter Sport's range of vegan varieties!

Marco Kaul, the team leader of the chocolate experience at the Bunten Schoko Welt, welcomes our athletes to the chocolate workshop. First of all, each athlete receives an apron so that their clothes don't get dirty while making the chocolates. Then each athlete is allowed to choose a place at the long work table. Here Marco explains how to make chocolate: "Everyone has a bowl. First you fill it with your three favorite ingredients. Then you come to me and I fill you with the liquid chocolate you want: white, milk or dark chocolate. After that, you go back to your seat." Excitedly, the athletes pick out their favorite ingredients: Chocolate chips, marshmallows, dried strawberries and mangoes, coconut, almonds, cashews, smarties, etc. etc. Clear favorite that afternoon was the white chocolate. Everything must then be mixed very well and then poured into the world famous square shape of Ritter Sport chocolates. While they were choosing ingredients and pouring chocolate, the athletes and our "Friends of the Games" had an intensive exchange of ideas and gave each other chocolate tips.

"It was nice to meet the athletes and get in touch, especially now that the hot phase starts in preparation for the World Games," said Björn Kroner, florist and presenter.

The entire team after the successful chocolate workshop happily show off their handmade chocolates.
While the handmade chocolates cool in the characteristic Ritter Sport grids, the athletes* learn how chocolate is made, from the cultivation of the cocoa bean, to the transport routes and the processing procedure.

Special Olympics athlete Kai-Jürgen Pönisch, who will compete in swimming at the World Games in June, adds: "The workshop was great, I really enjoyed it because I love chocolate. I learned a lot about how cocoa is made. I am really looking forward to the World Games in June."

Besides the making, the most important part is tasting and snacking on the chocolate itself and of course choosing the "athlete's chocolate"! 5 vegan varieties are available and each is extensively tasted by all. Then a vote is taken. "And the winner is... Roasted Peanut" announces Anne Weber, the head of Bunten Schoko Welt. And just like at the Special Olympics, there is a second and third place. Mild Classic" takes second place and "Crunchy Almond" third.

Special Olympics athletes discuss Ritter Sport chocolates and choose their "favorite athlete chocolate."
At the end, they all wrap up their specially made chocolates and go home happy and with a full chocolate belly.

Dr. Florian Langenscheidt, publisher and book author, finds the right words at the end: "It is pure happiness to be part of such a great event, where it jumps over to everyone and anyone."

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