#UnbeatableTogether - what the motto of the 2023 World Games means

#ZusammenUnschlagbar - das steckt hinter dem Motto der Weltspiele 2023

#UnbeatableTogether – that’s our motto for the 2023 World Games in Berlin. It sends a clear message for inclusion and promises us a sporting celebration in unity. We’ve already told you about the development of our logo. Here you can learn more about the meaning and history of the motto and our colorful #UnbeatableTogether collection available in the Special Olympics Shop.  

#UnbeatableTogether – what does that mean?

Together we can achieve more than by ourselves. Winning is amazing.
But if we stick together, losing is no problem either.
Together we are strong. Together we are better,
That applies in sports but also in life.
That’s why we say: #UnbeatableTogether 

Translated into German, our motto reads: #ZusammenUnschlagbar.

Why even have a motto?

The motto reflects our attitude and character as the world’s largest inclusive sporting event. With the 2023 Special Olympics World Games in Berlin, we aim to improve awareness for people with intellectual disabilities – for more visibility, recognition and self-determined participation. We use the unifying power of sports and our athletes to shape an inclusive society together, that goes far beyond sports.

This is of special value to our Special Olympics athletes, because #UnbeatableTogether unifies them to become a movement that has the power to achieve the formulated goal of equal participation in society. At the same time it evokes memories and emotions of sports among athletes and creates anticipation for 2023 Word Games.   

The development of the motto

Special Olympics World Games are Games ‘by athletes for athletes’. That’s why they were involved in the development of the logo and motto from the get-go. In digital workshops, athletes from all over the world created colors and elements for the logo together. Learn more about this in our blogpost on the logo development.

Feedback talks and various motto suggestions were also part of the workshops. The athletes liked mottos with a clear message best. Above all, the word ‘together’ was important to the national and international athletes. At the same time, they wanted to express their strength and the power of sports which is needed to bring about social change. #UnbeatableTogether sums it all up. It best reflects the spirit of Special Olympics athletes and the special character of the World Games.

A screenshot of the athletes workshop showing the participants of the Zoom meeting.
The athletes were involved in the development of the logo and motto from the get-go. The workshops were held digitally.

Nyasha Derera and Ian Harper share that opinion. Both are SargentShriver International Global Messengers. That means, that they act as international spokespersons for the Special Olympics movement with the goal of changing politics and society. These were their reactions when they heard ‘Unbeatable Together’ for the first time:

Nyasha Derera, Sargent Shriver International Global Messenger Special Olympics Zimbabwe:

‘You see with this one you have created an inclusive environment even at work, even at training. Wherever we are, we have created a benchmark for inclusion together. It’s not about "We", it’s not about "I", it’s about "We Together".‘ 

Ian Harper, Sargent Shriver International Global Messenger Special Olympics Great Britain:

‘With this 3rd  motto I think you’ve hit the jackpot, because the reason I say that, it’s quite absolutely brilliant. Together Unbeatable I think is brilliant and it could be even more appropriate, that we are all gonna be together.‘

#UnbeatableTogether – Collection

You want to wear our motto and show that you are part of the inclusive Special Olympics movement? From colorful T-shirts and Hoodies to umbrellas or key chains - our Special Olympics Shop offers various products with our credo #UnbeatableTogether. New in are now two pieces with a special design: a grey Zip-Hoodie and a grey T-shirt, both with a curved purple UnbeatableTogether design. Curious? Check out our collection here.

A new piece of the #UnbeatableTogether collection: the grey Zip-hoodie with a curved UnbeatableTogether design.