A logo that breaks down walls

Buntes Logo der Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023

Unique and versatile: the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 logo

The Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 logo is unique, joyful, colourful, vibrant and unifying. It represents everything that makes the Special Olympics World Games special: a global inclusion movement with tremendous power, passion and, above all, uniqueness. 

Just as special as the logo itself is the story behind its creation, involving collaboration with the Games’ athletes. Naturally so, given the “by athletes for athletes” ethos. In digital workshops, participants from all over the world first helped to develop the right selection of colours and symbols for the logo. These choices were based on the general feelings and moments that they associate with Special Olympics.

Vibrant colours and emotional symbols: the athletes were able to play a direct role in the logo’s development and contribute their ideas.

The next step involved taking a historical view of the host city Berlin. The history of today’s capital is long and eventful. The fall of the Wall was a pivotal moment in German history. Today, it still serves as a symbolic representation of inclusion. We want to break down walls and exemplify inclusion in society. That’s why the Special Olympics World Games 2023 logo includes “flying blocks” intended to evoke the fall of the Wall. 

Berlin is also a very special host city that impresses today with its diversity of sights, rich culture and vibrant lifestyle. Accordingly, it was essential to feature the Brandenburg Gate and TV Tower in the logo. As the city’s heraldic animal since around 1280, the Berlin bear is another element of the logo and sets a major tone along with the other symbols.

All of these components were incorporated during the creative process and contributed to the exceptional logo for the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023. Our logo stands for overcoming borders and plays an important role for the Special Olympics World Games 2023. It symbolises the vision of the World Games to create an inclusive society throughout the entire world. The logo therefore combines passion, emotionality and a feeling of community and cohesion. 

In combination with our motto #UnbeatableTogether, we are conveying a clear direction. We can achieve big things and help people with intellectual disabilities treading the path towards greater acceptance and recognition. We are Special Olympics. We are #UnbeatableTogether.