Our online shop – a community effort

Es ist ein Bildschirmfoto von einem digitalen Meeting, links ist der Webshop zu sehen und auf der rechten Seite sind alle Mitarbeiter zu sehen, die an dem Meeting teilgenommen haben.

Creative collaboration: For the creation of the webshop, a webshop test was conducted with some athletes to discover errors and incorporate suggestions for improvement from the athletes.

Special Olympics World Games is the largest inclusive sporting event in the world, coming to Berlin in 2023. So that you can buy the great merchandise from the World Games, we have created the Special Olympics Shop. I'm Julian and I had the chance to help design the online shop as an intern. It was a great time and I would like to tell you about it.

The start

First we developed the architecture of the shop together with our agency, which we found for the programming. This means that we determined the individual pages we wanted to have and the menu. Then we used the design guidelines of the World Games to determine the design of the website. And then it got really exciting. Because now the athletes came into play.

We were able to sit down with Special Olympics athlete Reynaldo in person. Here he gives us his comments on our webshop.

The athlete test

As you know, the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 are the games by athletes for athletes. That means we always develop everything together. We see ourselves as a unified team, no matter in which discipline.

So we wanted to know whether the athletes like our online shop. It was also important to us that they find their way around quickly and easily. After all, you should be able to find what you are interested in quickly in the shop. We were able to recruit three athletes for the athlete test. They were allowed to test the click dummy. The click dummy was a test version of our shop. The athletes were allowed to put this draft of our Special Olympics online shop under the microscope and look for errors. For this purpose, we invited the athletes to visit us.

There is a lot of anticipation about the webshop: Special Olympics athlete Dennis is looking forward to his first purchase from the webshop

With a slight nervousness, but a lot of anticipation, the athletes either came to us in Berlin or joined us digitally via their laptops. A first overview, a look at the stories and a purchase process in the Special Olympics Shop was tested by the athletes. Our shop was also closely examined with regard to accessibility. The participants completed the tasks with a lot of joy and passion. They provided us with many interesting insights and suggestions for improving the shop that we had not noticed before.

We all had a lot of fun making the shop better together - in line with our motto #UnbeatableTogether.