Special Olympics x MSTRY create the perfect socks

Special Olympics x MSTRY kreieren die perfekte Socke

As participants in an inclusive creative workshop with the label "MSTRY Berlin" by Alexander Nicolaus, Special Olympics athletes became designers themselves for a day. It was an unforgettable experience for Special Olympics participants Juliana Rößler, Monique Weckert, Dana Plöger, Jessica Jasmin and Reynaldo Montoya.

The goal of the workshop was to design the perfect athlete sock. A sock that is not only sporty and beautiful, but a sock with a statement. Because Alexander Nicolaus wants to change the world in a positive way. With his fashion startup "MSTRY" he wants to promote social issues through messages on sustainable fashion items, especially socks and T-shirts, and thus advocates equal participation of all people. At the same time, "MSTRY" supports with 1 Euro per sold sock initiatives that work for socially relevant topics.

Together with our athletes, we are now designing a sock that sends a message to the other athletes, but also to the whole world.
And so everyone sits down together around the big table and begins to discuss with each other. "What is important to you?" Alexander wants to know from the athletes. "Participation", "We want to be taken seriously", "Just take part in everything", are the first answers. "How can we put that into a word that fits on the sock?" asks Alexander. It doesn't take long, the words fly back and forth, and soon everyone agrees: "RESPECT". "Respect is what we all want" interjects Juliana! The word is there - now all that's left is to develop the colors and the design.
"So white doesn't work at all," says Reynaldo, "that's boring and they always get dirty so quickly." Looking at the colors of the Special Olympics logo, it quickly becomes clear - purple it should be. "It fits both women and men," says Monique.

To add some Special Olympics spirit to the sock, the athletes had a ribbon of colorful hearts added around the waistband. And now you can buy this unique sock from athletes for athletes in our webshop! A limited edition with which you can make a statement with every step you take!

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Designer socks "Respect" MSTRY x Special Olympics – Special Olympics Shop

Purple "Respect" Socks with hearts in paper packaging