Interview with our model Julie

Interview mit unserem Model Julie

For our webshop we did a professional photo shoot in a studio. Our model wasJulie. Julie is 17 years old and has Down syndrome. She does a lot of sports, among other things she loves to dance. This connects her with the Special Olympics. We were thrilled with her performance at the photo shoot and wanted to get to know our model a little better. Here is our interview with Julie: 

How did you find out about the opportunity to apply for the Special Olympics photoshoot? 

I am registered with the agency Kiezmodels in Berlin. They contacted me and I was very happy. It's quite brave to take part in such a big photo shoot. 

Have you ever been photographed by a real photographer? 

No, this was my first big photo shoot. I thought it was mega cool and can imagine doing something like that again.


We heard you are a GNTM fan. What do you like most about it? Did you see anything on the show that helped you for your shoot? 

I like Heidi Klum and the models. The models are really cool and do great poses. I liked them so much that I wanted to try them out. I often practise at home in front of the mirror. That helped me with the shoot.

Do you have a favourite model?

I really like Dasha, Anita and Noëlla, who took part in GNTM. 

There were a lot of people at the photo shoot. It's easy to get intimidated. How did you like the photo shoot? What was the most exciting thing for you? 

I wasn't excited or intimidated. There was great music. It helped me a lot because I also love to dance. 

We all love your pictures. You're so relaxed, you move great and you just look incredibly beautiful. Which picture of yours is your favourite? And why? 

I like the picture with the black jumper, seen from behind. I like my look over my shoulder and my hair because it's so wild and curly.


We understand that you are also a keen dancer. How did you get the idea to dance and when did you start? 

I really like music and dancing to it. My big sister used to have flamenco lessons. I often went with my mum to pick her up. I was still very young then and went to kindergarten. I stood next to the dancers and just joined in. My mum said the dance teacher was thrilled by my movements. Then she enrolled me in a dance school for children's dance. 

Do you also dance in a club and take part in competitions? 

I still dance at the Marameo dance school, where I do contemporary dance with Tamara. There are no competitions, but we always have a nice dance performance once a year. 

And last but not least, we would like to know which part of our Special Olympics collection you liked best? 

I especially like the white T-shirt with the colourful print (Special OlympicsWorld Games Berlin 2023), which I wear with the green baseball cap. I also like the printed coffee mugs from Blumenfisch - I did an internship there once.

Thank you Julie for the great interview!