A look back at the National Games 2022 - Interview with the band MiA.

Rückblick auf die Nationalen Spiele 2022 - die Band MiA. im Interview

We look back at the opening ceremony of the National Games 2022 in Berlin. On June 19, 11,000 people were in the stadium “An der Alten Försterei” when the sun was setting. Bright faces, breathtaking fireworks and – a musical highlight: the band MiA.! Some of you were certainly there when the Berlin band played the first beats and created a great atmosphere. Of course, we don’t want to deprive you of the interview with the four musicians.

Wow – MiA. is here. We are excited to ask you a few questions . You are one of the most successful music bands in Germany. Next year you will celebrate your 25th band anniversary. How did you originally come together?

MiA.: Miez and Andi met back in school. Sometime later, a school friend – the now very successful author and host Sarah Kuttner - introduced them to Robert. Robert joined MiA. together with Ingo and we were almost complete. In the first years it was a bit difficult with the drummers, so Sarah tried again and found Gunner at the end of 2001. Then things could really get started.

You played in front of 4.000 athletes from all over Germany at the Opening Ceremony of the Special Olympics National Games in Berlin. What does this mean for you?

MiA.: Of course, something like that is exciting! It also offered us a wonderful opportunity to start the live season 2022 with a home game at traditional venue for a great occasion. Due to the band’s family planning we took a longer break and only really started again in July/August this year.

MiA. on stage at the National Games 2022 in Berlin.
Band MiA. at the opening ceremony of the National Games 2022 in Berlin. Photo: Sarah Rauch

We are thankful that you as a band not only attended the opening ceremony of the National Games, but also support us as “Friends of the Games” on our journey to the World Games 2023. Why do you think inclusion and diversity are so important for our society today?

MiA.: We want to be part of a society that is aware of its diversity, makes it visible and considers the dignity and rights of all equally. 

Regardless of origin, skin color, religion, sexuality, abilities or social status. We want to be involved in creating such a society.

Have you had personal experience with people with intellectual disabilities already? If so, under what context?

To be honest, not much. Not enough. We were hardly aware of this, but we would like to catch up on it, and that is why this invitation was the best opportunity to finally get started.

Sports and music can connect people across borders and bring them together. Both have the ability to make people forget the world for a moment. Do you remember any experience where you particularly felt this connection through music?

MiA.: We are very fortunate to have travelled across three continents with our music. Over the past 25 years we’ve collected so many experiences that it’s really hard to single one of them out. And perhaps it’s the sum of all these images and impressions that gives us the certainty that music does indeed have a universal cosmopolitan power.

Many athletes and our photo model Julie have told us that music has a special meaning for them. What role does sport play for you? Do you enjoy playing sports, if so, which ones?

MiA.: Sport is indeed an important part of our lives. We do very different things. It ranges from yoga and Pilates to winter sports, table tennis, calisthenics or running – we cover a lot of disciplines!

Last but not least: Which product in our Special Olympics Shop do you like best?

MiA.: We love the black sweatshirt that Julie likes so much. Very cool and brightly colored beanies are always a great pick – sometimes even in summer… and of course, the notebook with the TV tower…and and and…

MiA., thank you for the interview and of course your amazing performance at the National Games 2022!

Stadium Alte Försterei in Berlin with thousands of people.
11,000 people took part in the opening ceremony of the Natinal Games 2022 in the stadium Alte Försterei, Berlin. Photo: Sarah Rauch