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World Games

Winter sports set

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Product information

Sporty, cozy and colorful! The red sweatshirt with the white World Games logo is definitely an eye-catcher! The petrol Beanie logo and the recycled petrol multifunctional scarf are also part of the set. Employees of Union Sozialer Einrichtungen sewed the colorful World Games logo on both pieces. Sewn on is also the upcycled stockings-ornament made from fleece fabric of the 2022 National Games. It is handmade by Lichtenberger Werkstätten and may differ from the product images. The handmade soap mojito smells of fresh mint and feels nourishing on the skin due to the olive and coconut oil. It is vegan, cruelty free, palm oil-free and handmade by Seifen-Werk BADELIEBE, a workshop of Lebenshilfe Nürnberg. Wrapped in environmentally friendly paper with the colorful World Games design, the soap completes the winter sports set.

Please choose which size you need for the sweatshirt. 

The set offers a more favorable price compared to buying the  products separately.

Find out more about the workshops in our blogpost.

Material specifications

See product pages:

Sweatshirt World Games logo, red

Beanie logo, red

Recycled multifunctional scarf logo, petrol

Handmade soap mojito

Upcycled stockings ornament: fleece fabric of 2022 National Games (100% recycled polyester)

Über den Hersteller

(Fast) alle Produkte dieses Sets wurden in Werkstätten von Menschen mit Behinderung hergestellt. In jedem einzelnen Teil steckt liebevolle Handarbeit, Kreativität und Fleiß. Mehr Informationen zu den einzelnen Werkstätten sowie Fotos aus der Produktion findest du in unserem Blogpost „Entdecke die Werkstätten hinter unseren Geschenke Sets“.

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